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Upcoming events

Thursday 25th May 2017 (10:30 am - 11:30 am)
(Last Thursday of each month)
Join Wallace Gallery Director and volunteers for a tour and conversation about the current exhibitions.
Time: Meet for coffee/tea & nibbles at 10.30 am
Venue: Wallace Gallery
Entry Charge: Gold coin donation

Saturday 10th June, 2017 (11 am - 1 pm)
2nd Saturday of the month opening previews
Your chance to view new exhibitions and to meet the artists. Coffee, tea and nibbles provided.

Wednesday 14th June, 2017 (6 - 8 pm)
ARTCHAT (2nd Wednesday of the month)

A special POETRY night featuring;
Bob Orr, Vaughan Rapatahana and a few more special guests.

Your chance to meet and hear from a number of creatives.
Bring a cushion- Light refreshments provided,
$10 at the door.

Current and upcoming exhibitions

Wallace Arts Trust Collection Gallery

29th March – 5th June 2017

This exhibition features works on paper from the Wallace Arts Trust collection, created with graphic and paint media. The selection aims to showcase the breadth of the Trust’s holdings by presenting nine decades of New Zealand art. Predominantly drawings or watercolours, these works are displayed in particular groupings: mid-20th Century, drawings by sculptors, and contemporary practice.

A starting point in the exhibition features works from the mid-20th Century.
Observation of daily life is a consideration for these artists with subject matter being portraiture, life drawing, studies and localised industry. Rudolf Gopas’ watercolour ‘Portrait of Barry Ferguson’ of 1958 is one of several portraits taken from life, of people who sat for artists in studio or in domestic settings. These portraits convey the past – Barry Ferguson is very much a man of the 1950s with his hair slicked back and large collar. A similar sense of documenting ‘what was’ is recounted in drawings of people in factories or most notably WWII in ‘Tail Gunner’ c.1940 by Christopher Perkins.

Drawings by sculptors have a particular characteristic that relates to their practice. There is a strong sense of the three-dimensional inscribed on a flat plane of paper. The forms in Marte Szirmay’s ‘Untitled’ 1992 are rendered tonally, resulting in a solidity of mass. It appears as if one of her sculptures were present so the viewer can perceive an actual materiality. Sculptors often draw to present ideas for commissions that may later result as sculptures – one instance being Chris Booth’s ‘Working Drawing’ 1986. The drawing by Booth is diagrammatic with text and details outlining technical information, whilst also being an actual rooftop setting showing the sea in the distance.

Drawing has an important place in contemporary practice with a particularity of its own. Notably it is now an intrinsic part of an artist’s identity – who they are and do. Further, drawing is very much an end in itself as opposed to a process for producing something else. The use of motif is disparate, even a mark or brushstroke being what it is.

For many of the selected artists it can be said that drawing/painting on paper is a thread, continuity of their practice. Of particular mention in this regard are: Kathy Barry, Mark Braunias, Kushana Bush, Michael Harrison, Marita Hewitt, Georgie Hill and Sam Mitchell.

7th- June 2017
Title to come soon

Opening Saturday 10th June, 2017 (11 am-1pm)

A new show of works from the Wallace Arts Trust Collection curated by Justin Jade Morgan and Peter Dornauf.

Main Gallery

6th-28th May 2017
Materialised: Curated by Rohan Hartley Mills and Glen Snow

Opening Saturday 6th May (11 am - 1 pm)

This exhibition is proudly presented in collaboration with Two Rooms Contemporary Art Gallery Auckland.

Featuring: AT Biltereyest, Judy Darragh, Fergus Feehily, Selina Foote, Rohan Hartley Mills, Noel Ivanoff, Jul;ia Morrison,
John Nixon, Kim Pieters, and Glen Snow.

(Below is a brief introduction to the full text for the exhibition Materialsed Curated by Rohan Hartley Mills and Glen Snow. For the full text please visit the show and or contact the gallery)

“My collaborator Glen Snow and I had the idea for this show back in 2013. Our aim was to bring together local and international artists that we felt had an awareness in their practice addressing ideas of painting as ‘object’. As fellow painter-builders, we set about putting this exhibition together, to join a contemporary dialogue in painting conducted on an international level. Materialised presents a selection of working processes that highlight the subtleties of building a painting within the language of abstraction. Some of the chosen works reveal expressive qualities whilst remaining minimal. Others feature sculptural propositions executed with a painter’s sensibility. These accents, when brought together demonstrate a collective appreciation of painting that step outside of its accustomed marker of the picture-as-a-window. These paintings are to be looked at rather than looked into or through.”
Rohan Hartley Mills, March 2017

It is the contention of this exhibition that such contemporary painters as AT Biltereyest, Judy Darragh, Fergus Feehily, Selina Foote, Rohan Hartley Mills, Noel Ivanoff, Julia Morrison,John Nixon, Kim Pieters, and myself, Glen Snow, extend the grounds for understanding painting practice materially: as object. Such painting, focused in on its matter, might be termed the pictureobject.

Materialised is a small showing of nine artists brought together to frame a discussion of the material aspects of their work. As a title, it suggests what has become manifest, been made physically perceptible, or become fact before us. This is the real, realised after a process involving actions and responses to materials being handled. The realisation of each small reality is a continual give and take that embodies artist and materials as if in ‘negotiation,’ so that issues of agency are borne through the work and the body of the artist and back again.

The paintings gathered here all work without the representations of observable objects. Yet rather than resorting to familiar handles such as abstract painting or non-objective art, I am preferring to think of them as pictureobjects. They all insist, after all, on occupying the wall as a register of the picture plane. Yet in resisting any explicit picturing of objects they have become the thing to be pictured before us, the object itself.
Glen Snow, March 2017

1st-29th June 2017
The Shape of things to come

Opening Saturday 10th June, 2017 (11 am-1pm)

An exhibition of artworks from recent graduates of the Waikato Institute of Technology, Hamilton.

Community Gallery

5th-28th May 2017
Stuart Bridson: Four kit set sculptures

Opening Saturday 6th May (11 am - 1 pm)

Stuart Bridson originally gained a Master’s in Fine Art from Ilam, he has been a recipient of a number of art awards and a finalist several times in the Wallace awards. He currently works as a preparator at the Waikato Museum.

This exhibition Four kit set sculptures, explores ideas about the environment, the context of objects and how we read art. Stuart is interested in the juxtaposition of nature in a man-made constructed world and this exhibition is part of a larger series exploring recycling, reusing and treasuring the small histories of the mundane object.

1st-25th June 2017

Opening Saturday 10th June, 2017 (11 am-1 pm)


6th - 28th May 2017
Douglas Stichbury: Untitled work

During 2014 Stichbury was one of the selected Development Resident Artists at JJ Morgan & Co in Auckland. Whilst there he produced a large stunning charcoal work inspired by the history of the building. We are happy to have the chance to share this work with you via the J&K Morgan Collection.

Douglas Stichbury is a New Zealand born multi-media artist who currently lives between Brooklyn and Hong Kong. He has exhibited works in New Zealand and beyond, has been a finalist in many award shows and was the winner of the 2014 Parkin Drawing Prize.
For more on Sitchbury's work you can visit:

1st-25th June 2017
Drew Hill: In your face

Opening Saturday 10th June, 2017 (11 am-1 pm)

“I’m really interested in the body and what we’re doing to our bodies in this age of mass production and fast food”.

Within this exhibition Drew Hill presents a number of artworks that combine photographic and print based techniques. Adopting methods used by pop and collage artists of the past Hill transforms original materials found, brought or used into pieces that pose questions about mass production of food based products and its effects on the human body.

“I have used the wrappers of varied corporations as my canvas, just like they are mass producing their so called food I am mass producing my art work”

This body of work has been shown in Hong Kong at the Boom Gallery and at the Auckland Photography festival these are limited edition pieces and each piece is an original work none are the same.

Drew Hill is a photographer, sculptor and film maker. Drew studied at the Ilam School of Fine Arts. He lives in Gisborne and has held solo and group exhibitions across New Zealand and overseas.

Wallace Digital

1st - 30th April 2017
Te Marunui Hotene: Dallas 2

We are so pleased to welcome back Te Marunui Hotene to the Wallace Gallery Morrinsville to present his newest digital works entitled Dallas 2 , a part of his Urban Maori project.
The works are “investigations of contemporary Popular methods of Hip-hop production and digital video production and their seeding and growing here in Aotearoa.

"Visually, I have treated conventions in an expressionistic manner, that is quick, rough, colourful, textured and ‘playful’, and synchronized them to the beat of the music, interacting both methods of sonic and visual accompaniments.”

6th - 28th May 2017
Your Pick no.2

You are invited to select from a range of performance and or art documentaries provided by the gallery.
A chance for you to sit back and relax in the Wallace Digital space

The Wallace Gallery Morrinsville would like to thank the artists and curators for making these works happen in the first place and the J & K Morgan Collection for their support with the sharing of these DVD’s.

1st-25th June 2017
Drew Hill: In your face

Opening Saturday 10th June, 2017 (11 am-1 pm)

We are proud to present a 'Cultural Icons' interview with Drew Hill.

The Wallace Gallery Morrinsville would like to thank the artist and the Cultural Icons team at the Depot Art Space for allowing us to share this work.

For more on the Cultural Icons series please visit the following website: