Adrian Worsley

16 October - 28 October
Adrian Worsley, of Historic Creations in Te Aroha, is the first exhibitor in the Matamata-Piako Community Gallery, showing his works from October 16 - 28th 2010.

Adrian Worsley qualified as a fitter welder before moving into the stainless steel trade. A self-taught woodworker, Worsley began to restore period homes and became known for his rustic-style fit-outs, including café premises as well as private homes. Unable to resist the drive to create artistic pieces in his spare time, demand became so great for Worlsey’s inventive work that he began to focus full-time on his own projects in 2002, and has recently expanded his “Historic Creations” workshop in the centre of Te Aroha in the Matamata-Piako District.
All of Worsley’s sculptures are made from scrap metal, mostly donated by local members of the community, and any other materials which he incorporates into the artworks are recycled from found objects.

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