Showing at the Gallery from November 12th to December 8th 2010

About the work

"I started doing these prints around 1995 after a printmaking course at University. I like and use screenprinting as a printmaking process. I originally trained as a signwriter, and screenprinting formed part of my apprenticeship. I owned and operated a signwriting and screenprinting business for ten years before retraining as a secondary school art teacher. Although having completed a degree in fine arts, I find the processes and skills acquired in my commercial background inform my art practice to a very large extent.

I like the directness and immediacy connected to this printmaking method. It forces me to exercise a lot of control over the work and to critically evaluate what I am doing and the way I do it. I find it less forgiving than painting.

Design is an important part of the work which has to be right the first time or else it is compromised.

Subject matter is often quirky and fun. I like the Dick Frizzell idea that starts, "what happens if....?', I take disparate elements and combine them to see what the result would be, e.g. 'The lone superhero'. The untold/hidden story also is evident. Why is Sharon crying over the Marmite lid? Why is there a big tin of Marmite on the back of an army truck? Other works reflect our Kiwiness: the pukeko, the Mount, koru patterns...

I hope you enjoy these pieces of art as much as I have enjoyed making them."

J.D. Gilmore Nov 2010