Yaniv Daniel Janson

On display in the Main Gallery from

November 12th to December 8th 2010

Yaniv Janson is an 18 year-old Hamiltonian who has developed a visual language to raise awareness about sustainability issues. His distinctive approach traverses different communication levels. Yaniv’s Asperger’s condition (high functioning Autism) confronts him with challenges about ‘traditional’ communication, however his unusual persona has attracted professionals who collaborate with him in projects across diverse fields. He works with educators, architects, researchers, designers and artists to spread his ideas about why we need to change our behaviour now to ensure that the legacy we leave future generations can sustain human life.

In the Wallace Gallery Morrinsville, a cluster of works addresses the sea ecosystem, rising sea levels and the resulting angst in those who will lose their houses, as well as the long term effects on our environment. Another cluster addresses the more general topic of
environmental climate change and its consequences on our food production. A third cluster of works looks at houses in different climatic extremes.

Yaniv has already exhibited in 3 international locations. As the Wallace Gallery Morrinsville exhibition finishes, his next one starts in the Galerie Celal in the heart of Paris between the Louvre and Centre Pompidou. This follows his recent contract signed with the French Eg’Art agent providing direct exposure to the European Community in 2011.

Yaniv’s second book “Climate Change – One Painting at a Time” will be launched at Bennetts books at the University of Waikato during December 2010. The book is about social and environmental sustainability and includes an Educational resource section on teaching about sustainability via visual languages. The documentary “Yaniv saves the world” by John Mandelberg (Wintec Bluewater Productions) will be launched in 2011

Yaniv has received 10 formal awards and scholarships so far:

2010 Recognyz Youth Award finalist
2010 Arts Waikato Scholarship
2010 Eleos Trust Award
2010 Variety Gold Scholarship
2010 McIvor/Wheeler study grant
2009 Recognyz Youth Awards finalist
2009 National Youth Art Awards finalist - Waikato Society of Arts
2009 “Highly Commended” Award - Great Waikato Art Show
2008 Trust Waikato National Contemporary Arts Award finalist (judged by Natasha Conland, Curator Auckland Art Gallery)
2008 17th Wallace Trust Arts Award finalist (judged by Linda Tyler, Director of the Centre for NZ Art Research and Discovery, Dick Frizzell and James Robinson)
Yaniv is studying at the Learning Connexion for his Diploma of Arts and Creativity and will complete his Honours. Programme next year. This is what his art school wrote about him in their 2011 catalogue:

“Yaniv Janson has just turned 18 and has already exhibited more art work than many people do in a lifetime. Before the end of his second year of painting he has featured in over 23 exhibitions, sold paintings around the world, published books and won many awards. He is the youngest artist to have been selected as a finalist by both the Wallace Art Award and the Waikato Contemporary Art Award”[prompting the Waikato Times to nominate him part of the “Waikato talent pool”] from http://tlc.ac.nz/newsletter/archive/yaniv-janson/