Paints and Brushes

November 26th - December 9th 2010

The Matamata-Piako District Community Gallery is hosting this extensive collection of work, from a talented group of friends who meet in Morrinsville to paint together. This image gallery shows a selection of the work on display.

"Women getting together for cake" is how the 'Paints and Brushes' group has been described. Nothing wrong with a bit of chocolate cake to stimulate creativity now is there?

And when the National Government stopped funding night class courses at the end of 2009, the "girls" were determined to carry on. After 10 years at the Morrinsville College, the class moved to the Red Cross Hall across the street where they meet weekly. Margriet Bruin has been able to retire from being group Convener and get back to her own painting.

So, if you want to eat cake, paint and share collective experience(s) please join them in the New Year!