Local Landscapes

“Local Landscapes”

December 10th 2010 - January 12th 2011, Main Gallery

12 months ago, I emigrated to New Zealand with my Kiwi partner Peter, leaving behind a job as Marketing Manager for a successful jewellery company in South Wales, embarking upon a new chapter in my life. I’d never visited New Zealand before, but been fascinated with the Country for 15 years, and “the time was right”. I intended to return to painting, after years of offices and computers, and we set ourselves up in the Family Bach in Whangamata.
I instantly felt at home here, and found my eyes continually drawn up. The clarity of light, the size of the sky and the vast spaces are elements of the Waikato that took my breath away and which still fill me with awe.

In this role, as Gallery Director, I have little time for my own painting, but I decided to curate this exhibition as a celebration of the Land that has welcomed and enveloped me so thoroughly.

The number of talented artists who applied for this show indicates to me the impact that this Country has on the creative minds (and hands) within it, and the thirst for a new, accessible arena in which to exhibit. I have been incredibly impressed by the level of skill, and the variety of artistic expressions on offer, and I could have curated three Landscape exhibitions without any difficulty whatsoever.

For me this is a humbling exhibition, a celebration of New Zealand, its awe-inspiring Landscape and the people nestled within it.

Charlotte Giblin
Gallery Director Dec. 2010