It Must be Love

January 14th - February 16th 2011

It Must Be Love…

Valentine’s Day.
Two words which have the power to both divide and unite.
The Most Romantic day of the year?
The Most Depressing day of the year?
A cynical, calculated, consumerist conspiracy?
The 14th of February always arrives with a mixed reception, and it seemed most appropriate to address and explore this date -and all of its connotations- from a creative perspective.
I set about curating an exhibition which would encourage the artistic minds of New Zealand to express their own interpretations of Love, with all of its many faces and facets.
The response was overwhelming: from sincere, to sarcastic, to sad, to silly, to sinister, this exhibition reflects a multitude of attitudes and feelings around this Universal Theme.

It Must be Love…

Charlotte Giblin, Gallery Director, Jan. 2011

this Gallery shows a selection of the works within the exhibition