Sarah Scott

Community Gallery Feb 18th - Mar 16th 2011

Matters of the Heart

"When I started 'Matters of the Heart' it was my first delve into surrealism. I wanted to tell more of a story than I had previously been able to with straight portraiture. There was something beautiful about taking something so internal and essential to the human body, as the heart, and placing it outside of our being . Also, with the heart being the most commonly used symbol and expression for human emotion, it had an extra importance and weight to it...The idea that I could place it anywhere, and into any situation, was thrilling.
My first work in this line was 'Daytime Thief' (featuring a black crow flying away with a woman's heart) and I immediately fell in love with it. Instantly ideas for new pieces seemed to fall into place and I couldn't paint fast enough to keep up with them. Among my favourites of these are 'Nomad' and 'Baptised'. Even at the close of this series (and the launch of this exhibition) I have ideas and paintings that never had a chance to be created, but perhaps one day I will revisit these works and create a second volume of paintings for this theme."

Sarah Scott grew up in Morrinsville, New Zealand. After leaving Morrinsville College she lived in Wellington, Hamilton and Dunedin before finally flying to the United States. There she met and married Brennen Reece, also an artist and musician, and they have been together for over eight years. The most recent addition to their family is their son Parker, now almost two years old, who is busy redefining art for both his mum and dad. Parker is - no doubt - the best scribbler in Alabama, and his mother looks forward to exhibiting with him sometime in the near future.

This Image Gallery shows a small selection of the works within the exhibition