In Bloom

Main Gallery March 18th - April 13th

I wanted to tie our March/April exhibition in with the Morrinsville Floral Festival -a wonderfully creative 4-day display of horticulture and skilled craftsmanship- and what better way than to invite New Zealand artists to explore the same theme?

In Bloom is “a celebration of All Things That Bloom” and a record number of submissions were received from artists wanting to take part. I wanted this exhibition to reflect the nature of flowers, trees and gardens (and gardeners!), so it felt important to have areas which seem very organised and co-ordinated, while other sections are wilder and seemingly haphazard.

This was another exhibition which was a joy to curate and 38 artists are represented here.

Charlotte Giblin, Wallace Gallery Director

this image gallery shows a selection of work from the exhibition. I have tried to represent all the artists who have work on display