Ngaire Randall

Main Gallery May 12th - June 5th 2011

Ngaire Randall
"I showed an interest in art from an early age and over the last 14 years I have taught myself how to use the different artists’ materials which feature in my work. I particularly enjoy mixing media together and have been very inspired by Maori designs and Abstract Art.

I am currently working towards a Diploma in Art with the Learning Connexion International School of Art and Creativity, in order to gain an Art and Teaching Degree. This will give me opportunities to teach I.H.C. groups and all ages of other disadvantaged people, which is my primary focus. Between 2008-2011 I tutored some art classes for the Maori Women’s Welfare league, for I.H.C. clients and children from ages 6-12 which was a wonderful experience and the local press ran articles on each of these classes.

I am most inspired by Indigenous Art and the messages that can be passed from generation to generation through this visual and creative medium. My passion is to help share the wealth of creative knowledge that is apparent in Ethnic and Indigenous Art traditions.

I have had a variety of experiences in the Art World, with a number of exhibitions around Te Awamutu and the Waipa District although this is the first time I have exhibited in the Wallace Gallery."

this Image Gallery shows a selection of the work on display