Morrinsville Lyceum Painting Circle

Community Gallery May 26th - June 7th 2011

The high standard of this painting group is very apparent, and the 16 members put together a collection of work which has made a really interesting and inspiring display.

"The Morrinsville Lyceum Painting Circle has been meeting for over 30 years. Anyone who is a member of the Morrinsville Lyceum Club is welcome to join us on Tuesdays at the Lyceum Club Rooms.

Generally, we work at our own individual pursuits in a variety of media: oils, acrylics, watercolours, pastels, conté. Although we are not a teaching group we aim to have 2-3 workshops per year and occasional visits to Galleries and exhibitions. We have lively discussions on Art and other topics and advise each other if required.

This activity comes to a climax with the Annual Exhibition in the second week of October. All work is required to have never been exhibited anywhere before and to be for sale. Proceeds from the exhibition are used for workshop expenses.

The Painting Circle is a supportive and encouraging group for those who enjoy painting."
Denise Boreham, President Lyceum Painting Circle

this image gallery represents all the artists, but doesn't show the full exhibition