Gaye Jurisich

Main Gallery June 8th - July 5th 2011

Title: Fell

These small branches are caught in the space between falling and fallen. They hang as if caught in time and space. Their quiet and simple voice holds them at peace with the world around them.

Gaye spent 2 long days setting up this entrancing installation, which has really captured imaginations. If you take time to sit and really look at 'Fell' it starts coming alive, with subtle movement and a great presence

Born 1953
Gaye Jurisich is a Hamilton based artist of many yearsí experience. Her work includes painting and sculpture in a variety of media.

It has become more and more obvious to me that my works are a dialogue that involves the reality of space and time, visual associations and ambiguity. My work reveals elements of the journey, the familiar becoming unfamiliar, and the known becoming unknown. Elements of trust, human mortality and feminist ideology are exploration points. It is important that my work challenges ideals, initiates thought and provokes discussion about connectedness, to our past and future. There is a sense of motion, redefining the adventure of lifeís journey when walking along a large work or when coming upon it as a series of encounters in time. It isnít about making beautiful things, itís more than that, a deeper purpose, although I canít always pinpoint or describe it as eloquently as I would like. Embedding the work in the landscape, integrating the specificity of surroundings, and corresponding to and emphasising direction are important aspects.

Gaye Jurisich