DUST 1.3

Main Gallery July 7th - August 2nd 2011

The DUST Collective is made up of Visual Arts graduates of Auckland University of Technology, Elam, and Manukau Institute of Technology. Formed in mid 2007 to support the professional development of the group, members’ work across a range of disciplines including sculpture, photography, painting, multimedia and video.

The name ‘’DUST’ reflects the nature of the groups interactions and collaborations. Rather than being bound by a unifying thematic the artists collect in such a way that allows for personal exploration and maintains the integrity of individual practices. The concept of dust operates as a “curatorial strategy” relating to how exhibition spaces are utilised. There is a commitment within the group to making work that has the flexibility to respond to the architecture, to other works and to the invisible lines of movement through and around a space: the intention is to search out synergies that reveal themselves as work is developed and discussed in the lead up to exhibitions, and to then work with and emphasise these points of connection through ensuing installational decisions.

For this project the collective will continue to investigate ideas that reflect the shifting, migratory, collecting nature of dust. In response to the gallery space, and in line with the transience of dust, their objective is to allow the work to inhabit the building’s existing emptiness and interact with its structure. Within this, the group aims to explore, without being overtly directive, ways they might subtly and perhaps playfully lead the viewer to discover and consider possible links between works.

This image gallery shows the majority of works on display.