Debra Cocker

Community Gallery July 21st - August 2nd 2011

'Snap' by Debra Cocker
"Photography begins for most of us as a way to catalogue memorable moments, in particular family events, holidays or once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. This type of photography is often referred to as "snap shots".
My interest in photography started like this too, but I became increasingly involved and interested in this creative medium when technology advanced into a new age: I was suddenly able to take digital photographs, allowing me to review a picture and retake shots with unprecedented ease. My passion for digital photography has kept on growing, and I delight in experimenting with effects, seeing what’s possible. Some of my photos on display have been "worked on”, I’ve enhanced colours or changed the image completely.
Despite the advancements in technology, I still enjoy taking “traditional” photographs, and my focus is usually the texture and colour of the subjects."

Debra Cocker
July 2011

Debra is a member of the Te Aroha Camera Club and has won numerous awards.