Robert Bildre and Barbara Swarbrick

Main Gallery January 12th to February 7th 2012

This wonderful exhibition from two Waikato-based artists has kick-started the Gallery's 2012 season with a vibrant splash of colour, depth and thought-provoking pieces. Below are statements from the artists and a selection of the work on show.

Robert Bildre
Silhouettes of Cultural growth
installations and collaged/painted wall panels looking at cultural change in New Zealand from a political and social perspective.

"As a nation only just beginning to reconcile itself with its Colonial past, we face the potential for new issues concerning immigration and its accompanying cultural requirements.
This exhibition’s work describes with silhouettes and culturally specific symbols the appearance of significant migrant groups upon our landscape. These groups are not new to our shores but the speed, their numbers and the financial power they already possess are new. The potential for conflict as a result of religious intolerance and gender requirements has not been seen since early colonialism.
New Zealand’s consumerist methodologies have been portrayed throughout my artworks, it is a force for change that is relentless and accompanies all that we do. Because of this my visual narratives are extremely “busy”, unavoidably, as the complexities to discussing such key points of change require it. I came up with the term “busy-isms”, it describes the artist’s portrayal of the frenetic essence of a developing nation in the midst of social change."

Barbara Swarbrick
Brunfelisa pauciflora
Something for everyone! Contemporary realism, collage, abstraction and assemblages.

"Drawing has played a critical role in the development of my art.
My earlier works evolved from gestural drawings of observations made from my immediate environment or whilst on my travels. These works were in pastel, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, paper and board.
In most recent weeks adding photo copying, printing and found objects to my works has added a third dimension to my assemblages. Using art and non-art sources, plus, borrowing from the past may be where my artistic future is heading.
“The Key” and “Cross Stitch” are two of these recent works.

May my art works provide you with experiences that cannot be reduced to words but instead, may they encourage reflection."