Julia O'Sullivan

Community Gallery January 25th - February 7th 2012

Heavenly Virtues and Deadly Sins

"Coming from the heart of Wales I now reside in New Zealand in a small town called Te Aroha. I live here with my husband Pat and my two children Torin and Seren. We have a dog called Luna and a cat called Obe.

My whole house is like walking into a gallery, all the bedrooms are painted with mushroom houses, pirates and dragons with mountains. Our family just loves colour, and as you can see from my art I am not shy when it comes to painting very colourful art.

I attended Carmarthen Art college in my youth and since then have been developing my talent. I worked as a beer tester for 15 years but since moving to New Zealand I have focused more on my art.

All my art has a story behind it, whether it has been made for a special someone or designed right out of my mind, I put a lot of love and attention into everything I do so that I can share it with the world.

The personalised children’s books were originally written for my two children, I noticed that there was a lack of good personalised children’s books out there so I decided to write one myself, and now 4 years on I am able to bring them to the world for other children to enjoy, and indeed anyone.

This year I have some exciting projects in the pipeline. My wedding album is going to be launched, I am painting Te Aroha mountain, The Ten Commandments and Lady Gaga and a few other commissions."