John Hoby and Kate McLean

Main Gallery February 9th to Mrach 6th 2012

John Hoby Paintings, 2012
Kate McLean Recent ceramic works

Hoby's bold, vivid paintings sing with colourful streaks and slashes and perfectly complement the muted tones of McLean's ceramic wall pieces, which also offer the viewer layers of patterned depth. As part of an exhibition of three artists, which includes Sharen Watson, this is an eclectic exhibition with much feasting for the eyes!
this image gallery shows some of the work on display in the exhibition

Kate McLean - Artist’s Statement

This body of work combines the areas of interest I have developed during my creative life – photography, clay, tiles, drawing and screen-printing.

Although these are prints, they are more like a drawing sequence, each stage informing the next.
The subject, chairs, a commonplace utility chair – is inviting, anticipating a sitter. Looking at this timeless, functional piece of furniture brings for me a sense of calm and reflection, the light interrupted by verticals and the horizontal seat.

Paper clay, oxides and glaze