Sharen Watson

Main Gallery February 9th to March 6th 2012

Sharen Watson6 Eyed Light Box

In this entrancing exhibition, Sharen has taken three subjects and from the "starting point" of a digital image has gone on to explore the subject in 4 thematic ways. An interesting concept excecuted beautifully.

"A Light Box illuminates its subject. The artist takes the subject and portrays it in six different ways.

1. Digital image. The digital camera enables instant gratification. The artist has captured simple everyday images and displayed them in an artistic manner.

2. Written word is added - just enough to tease the imagination.

3. Impressionism. With the focus on light, the subject matter will remain recognizable. Colours may be enhanced. Subject matter is simplified or altered to give better balance to the finished work.

4. A contemporary view. Great liberties are taken with content, and colour. The subject matter, in this instance, is still a consideration. Content is introduced, or deleted, enhanced or devalued and there’s considerable freedom for creativity.

5. Expressionism. The artist tries to portray the vitality of the moment. The sense of light, rhythm, time or emotion. This might be whilst observing the subject, being in the physical locality of the subject, or whilst creating the image. Painterly strokes are raw, and once placed usually remain unaltered.

6. Abstraction. Total freedom of content, colour and texture, restricted only by the “rules” of colour placement, rhythm and composition which may be observed, or dispensed with, at the will of the creator. The original subject matter has been used merely as inspiration. Total creatively, total pleasure and pure self- indulgence."

Sharen Watson Feb. 2012

this image gallery only shows some of the work on display in the exhibition