Lynnette Smallwood

Community Gallery February 23rd to March 6th 2012

"My art work has been described as Contemporary Photography, Experimental Art, even Inquisitive Art. I photograph and compose my art from light reflections and refractions in, on and through coloured glass. Like a magpie, I am drawn to anything bright and shiny that reflects the many forms of light.
My fascination with the light began years ago after being introduced to Kirlian photography as well as photographing people’s electro-magnet field with an aura camera. Light went from interest to passion when I purchased a Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera. Not having any photography training, I decided to see what I could make the camera do on my own.
My first photograph, with a 100mm F2.8 macro lenses, of a light reflection made it appear solid, as if it had mass. I was hooked. Light was magic, mystical, even sacred as it magically morphed into brilliant displays of colours and shapes. In rhythm and motion, she emerges from a deep, dark velvet blackness, a stage of dimensions yet to be revealed. The light seemed to be alive, a spirit, a consciousness mocking my parameters of boxes in its abandonment and freedom just to be.
I have danced with the light, learning her mysteries, merging free-flowing colours in a blur, like a Whirling Dervish dancer, yet at times ridged and controlled in defined parameters like some sacred geometry revealing itself.
I have seen colours rippling in waves of light, in a vibration and frequency so smooth you can almost hear it. I saw how light was the thread that weaved science and mysticism together, challenging the very definition of self.
The light became the tools in my art box for surely no palette of paint could compete with the intensity and mystery of the light. I started layering the light to create rhythm and form and compose abstract images to bring forth the spirit of the light. I have undertaken a challenging adventure in this exploration of light as I learn to let her reveal her magic and revel in her mystery.
It is with great joy that I pursue this adventure as there is nothing more exciting than learning another mystery of the self I am as I inter-act with the simplicity of light itself, yet at the same time expand my cosmic identity in light particles.
My favourite question is “What if?” Today’s “What if?” is does a light year still have time if I am completely present with it in the moment and can I capture that moment on canvas as a quantum potential? Is that My master piece?
Thank you for sharing my art. I hope it brings you as much joy viewing it as I have had creating it."
Lynnette Smallwood Feb 2012