Main Gallery April 5th - May 1st 2012
Meiling Lee
Carolyn Milbank
Anneke Muijlwijk


In our own, unique yet complementing approaches we endeavour to explore relations between people, place, belonging, identity, travel and dislocation

*To provide an opportunity to validate the basic human needs and rights

*To facilitate contemplation of different realities and personalities

*To show the different truths that cover our stories from our diverse backgrounds and yet to support the notion that we hold more in common than we are different

*Drawing on our differing birth places, namely Hong Kong, New Zealand and the Netherlands, we share childhood experiences of travel, migration, multiple instances of relocation, frequent re-settling, out of context situations

*To facilitate a change in the audience’ awareness of individual diversity and commonalities, tolerance and acceptance of different perspectives.

Meiling Lee has been described as an idiosyncratic multimedia artist who uses materials to interpret the world from her own perspective.

Carolyn Milbank is a sculptor who investigates contained/lived space using the processes of installation, casting, modelling, drawing and photography.
The work explores the human response to a particular mode of dwelling.

Anneke Muijlwijk is a visual artist who draws on knowledge gained in the fields of Human Geography, Town Planning and Social Sciences. Through a focus on landscape and everyday activities represented in drawings and watercolours, she considers people-place relationships.

This Image Gallery only shows a small number of the works on display