The Morrinsville Lyceum Painting Circle

Wallace Community Gallery June 14th to June 26th 2012

The Painting Circle of the Morrisville Lyceum Club meets on Tuesdays at the Lyceum Club Rooms. The Painting Circle members quickly transform the area into an art studio and set to work mostly on individual pursuits in paint, pastel whatever medium and subject they choose.

It is an informal time where people circulate to discuss, encourage and admire each others work as well as to ask for assistance or advice. There are lively discussions over morning tea and lunch.

We visit exhibitions in Art Galleries and have workshops with tutors several times a year (finances permitting).
Every year (for over 30 years) in the second week of October an Annual Exhibition is held of members work done throughout the year. Viewers can see original works which have not been exhibited before, and enjoy home baking with tea or coffee.

We hope that you have enjoyed this present exhibition.

This image gallery only shows some of the works on display