Ekarasa Doblanovic

Wallace Gallery - Main Gallery July 26th to August 21st 2012

'Unfolding Blue'

Unfolding Blue series it’s a journey through an intimate inner space, being exposed and revealed through each painting.
It comprise an exploration of the “void” through artistic philosophical, scientific and spiritual concepts
I’ve used a minimalist approach to form and colour using monochromes, the exploration of two, and sometimes just a few colours together with formal elements such as dots.
I have fascination with colour as pure substance and in its pure form.
I particularly used the colour blue as Ultramarine, Prussian blue, and Azure which give a feeling of vastness, mystery and self emanating light.¬¬
Colour amplifies these feelings and opens a new dimension to line and form.
The aim of the relationship of those dimensions such as colour, structure, space and time is not to be interlocking, but a fusion achieved through juxtaposition.
In all my paintings this is what I strive for.
Fusion describes to me an “alchemical” process, where the meeting of those elements transforms itself into a new whole.
Colour seems to be very unstable factor in those paintings being of a monochrome nature, with its most impalpable yet gripping ability to originate emotion. I experience colour also as a kind of bliss, it conveys an instantaneous feeling of wholeness in its very substance.

The aim of this fields, be it dots, colour or gestural is to create a “visual tremolo” as Agnes Martin would say or shimmer that exalt the viewer into a different state of mind, but also a painting that vibrates visually and captures the subtle rhythms of nature.

Ekarasa Doblanovic