Gay Fraundorfer

Main Gallery September 20th - October 16th
Part of the "Urban/Rural" exhibition. A delightful contrast of scenes from the urban and rural landscapes.

Urban On painting what I know.
This is a modern take on what we see, yet barely notice; the streets, houses and gardens of Suburbia. An observation of the differing houses, especially those of the 40s and 50s era has given a starting point for this series of paintings; the shaped and clipped conifers continue this theme. Widen the scope with the audition of that contemporary necessity, the car at the front door, and transforming these elements into an artwork, becomes doubly interesting.
Within this urban scene I have aimed to give the works connection, but I also hope they have retained their individuality.

Gay Fraundorfer is an experienced painter whose initial training was an Arts and Crafts specialist teacher at Dunedin Teachers College.
She has since exhibited widely and has work in private collections, the Waikato Museum of Art and History, and in the James Wallace Collections, Auckland.