Pamela Tapp

Main Gallery Nov 15th - Dec 11th 2012

I am an expressionist artist who uses abstract forms and various techniques to manipulate colour, texture and shape.
I combine these forms and techniques into my works of fused/slumped glass, painting, photography, textile design and craft work – creating my own unique personal style.
I try to not ‘think’ out my work too much, and simply allow intuiative forces to flow through and from me – I enjoy the randomness and freedoms that working in an abstract style allows.
Out of inspiration and development of craftwork came my discovery and interest in art – this comes through with taking a craft idea of knitting and putting my twist on it and putting it in the art arena.
I continue to educate myself as an artist. and hold the following qualifications being the Certificate in Media Arts (Wintec) and a Certificate and Diploma in Art and Creativity (The Learning Connexion)
I have exhibited in may exhibitions through out New Zealand, successfully selling work in New Zealand and America, and have recently returned from an artist painting colony in Croatia, where I was invited to participate.
My future plans as an artist is to collaborate with designers of fashion, shoes and handbags and have my work printed on fabric and work with them to create fabulous unique creations with my prints and their designs.
My exhibition – The Art of Conversation is about the expression of conversation in the form of colour, texture and shape.