Kay de Lautour Scott

Community Gallery December 13th to January 15th

Imagine Italy
When I first moved to Italy over five years ago several of my artist friends commented “It will be interesting to see what living in Italy does to your art”. I had been working in mixed media, using a variety of materials and tools, and had finally ventured into using my photographs, digitally altered, as the basis for some works. I felt that I was in a good space professionally, ready to make a full time commitment to my art. My work at that time was looking at the essence of memory, moving beyond the figurative. Surely further development and refinement was the way ahead?

In fact, the reality is quite different. I chose to live in a tiny hillside village of one hundred inhabitants, a hamlet that is part of a town approximately the size of Morrinsville. This is not Tuscany. For a single foreign woman to be living here is unusual; I was an oddity to be discussed at length in this ancient town. My redeeming qualification was that my father was here during the war. To be accepted in my own right I was advised to have an exhibition fairly quickly, with paintings of the town and countryside. This exhibition, my second solo exhibition in Italy, was in November 2006.

I suspect that this set the pattern for my art for the next six years. The exhibition was very well received, reported in newspapers and a regional magazine, and from this I was invited to exhibit in local group exhibitions. Later I was to become the curator for a newly formed art group. But for me the “development” was a surprising one. I felt that artistically I had gone backwards thirty years. It took me a long time to accept that this was what I needed to be doing to claim my place here.