Amber Cooksley and Chelsea Pascoe

Main Gallery January 17th - February 8th 2013

"Zing,Cackle Pop" an exhibition by local graduates Amber Cooksley and Chelsea Pascoe.
'Hunks, Chunks, Wads and Gobs' is an installation of new and ironic Pop Abstraction using banal media. The work is made from tissues, dye and polyurethan by Chelsea Pascoe.
'People,Politics, Glitz and Glam' The works by Amber Cooksley work to disarm the elitist persona that most have faced during their time under civilised authority. The colour choice resembles a "crayola" selection and the figures are almost accurate; this generates from a slightly defiant attitude towards pristine presentation and/or external refinement. Her works encourage the imperfections of humanity from a youthful perspective.