SCAN Collective

In Main Gallery from June 6th to July 2nd

A Sense of Place

SCAN Collective, formed in 2010, consists of a group of graduates whose works converge across the disciplines of painting, sculpture and multimedia. Having trained at Elam School of Fine Arts, each artist when exhibiting collaboratively, uniquely contributes to a common theme. For this show ‘A Sense of Place’

Suzan Lee is primarily a sculptor whose interests lie in the notion of ‘life on the
move’ and the many variations of home as a ‘sense of place’. Through varying
processes of making, using various materials, she considers the ideas of transience and belonging, and its implications for the individual within a community.

Catherine Hendricks is a two dimensional artist, working primarily in oils for this show. This investigation into ‘a sense of place’ is linked to identity and memory of place from the perspective of displacement. These memories show themselves to
be imprecise and often flawed.

Nina Levesque is a multimedia artist, currently working in acrylic inks and chalk pastels. Levesque’s work documents the re-visiting of a dilapidated long forgotten but significant family place. The ravages of time, the melancholic appearance of neglect, render the remains rich with nostalgia but inadvertently create a diminished ‘sense of place’.

Guest Artist
Debbie Stenzel investigates experiences of the ordinary person amidst extraordinary circumstances. Stenzel’s current body of work demonstrates an ongoing attempt to understand the pain of another through the use of chronotopic processes, multiples and repetitious mark making. The resulting works attempt to provide a visual representation of the individual human amidst a global posthuman society.