Larisse Hall

Main Gallery August 29th to September 24th

Full time contemporary Nelson artist, Larisse Hall, abstracts the push / pull effect of human relations. Using her own symbolism as language, Larisse manipulates spatial elements with her individually shaped and stretched canvas forms, searching out the existence and precariousness of non-balance to explore the essence and complexities of harmony within relationship. 'My work is constantly seeking to unite and balance yin and yang, exploring the premise that both are needed for relationship to be a success'. Evocative of societies cultural rhythms, Larisse interprets the language of relationship, questioning if the spoken word acts as the foundation for relationship or if it exists on a subliminal level of the physical, defining us as individuals, through association and thus making us 'whole'. Can relationship be formed in a singular sense, individually, or is it only possible when together with another, through conversation, work or play?
Embodying us gregariously as a society whilst also exploring the more intimate states of innocent child friendships and personal relationship, Larisse's work is an abstracted conversation of our day to day lives. “In my own language, it is a diary of life’s interactions and connections, contemplating the essence and complexities of relationship”.