Everlyn Ruby

Community Gallery area, October 10th - 22nd

Everlyn Ruby is a local artist, living in Morrinsville for the past five years. An ambitious self-taught artist finding new ways to create art every day. After a debilitating back injury 5 years ago she has turned her sights to painting after realising she can't keep doing her furniture restoration as a career, lifting all those gorgeous old antiques was just not viable anymore. She would have never known she could paint if it was not for that injury so now realises every cloud has its silver lining.

It all started only a few years back when she found she was too poor to buy her lovely Mother a birthday present...after having been given a blank canvas and a few paints a while earlier, she decided why not? Just paint a boat for Ma, she will love it no matter how bad the painting was. A few friends saw that painting and starting putting their own orders in, before Everlyn knew it she is here having her very first exhibition at the Wallace Gallery.