Wendy Bolger

Community Gallery Dec 19th-Jan 14th 2014

Journeying Along Fence Lines
Embedded in the boundary fences, and represented here through photography, video and artefacts, are stories of our relationships with the Matamata-Piako landscape.

The early settlement story tells of erecting and maintenance of the boundary fence, as a means to ‘marking your territory’, a cultural value still important today. Skilled craftsmanship is required in providing a well-made fence; its symmetry a thing of beauty as it traverses the landscape, while the ‘tumbled- down’ fence with its ingenious patchwork of improvised materials offers a more humble beauty. The artistic response of introducing a coloured frame, placed on top of the fence post, reinforces both the notion of borders, and the viewer’s perspective of ‘looking over the fence’. This aspect of a particular place, at a particular time, is captured in the camera’s viewfinder to be shared as a photographic image.

The exhibition reflects on our relationship with the land, whether experienced within or outside the boundary fence.

Wendy Bolger