Lance Schwabauer

Community Gallery April 10th to 22nd

The unknown destination of a path never taken

I am originally from the State of Montana, USA. I moved to New Zealand in 1997 to marry my
beautiful wife, Sarah. This has been my home ever since. We have three wonderful children and
live in the Te Poi area.
This journey with my art has evolved over the last 7 years. It started with entering the Matamata
Sculpture Symposium in 2007, this allowed me to explore different methods and styles of
sculpting stone.
My style of sculpting really developed when I discovered kauri gum. Realizing that the
best way to maximize the gums natural beauty was by creating fluid shapes that caught the
light. With sculpting in this medium I felt the need to keep the character of each piece. If I
focused on making something recognizable it would detract from the gums uniqueness. This
created a huge shift in my approach to sculpting. It wasn't until the 2013 Matamata Sculpture
Symposium that I was challenged by a fellow artist to create an abstract shape instead of
something tangible, like I had done in the past. I resisted at first then thought, why not? I started
sculpting not knowing where I was going with the finished shape. It was then that I realized
these fluid shapes I had created while sculpting kauri gum came naturally to me while sculpting
stone. This resulted in 'The Wave' aka 'Mr Whippy' which stands outside the Wallace Gallery
I never dreamed of doing abstract art, let alone enjoy creating it! This journey has been to me…
'The Unknown Destination of a Path Never Taken'.
This exhibit has been created to capture your eye with fluid shape, and strong lines. My hope is
that you will enjoy these sculptures as much as I enjoyed making them.