Curiosity: 5 Artists / 5 Artworks / 5 Tools - January


12th - 31st January 2016
Artist no 1. Olga Krause

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” Walt Disney

Through the bringing together of notes and one tool from the studio alongside an artwork, the curiosity series presents a unique opportunity for us to get a glimpse of the thoughts, processes and outcomes of five New Zealand artists.

Exhibition closing event to be held on Saturday the 30th of January from 11 am.

Cyclone Protection Series:
Fale pusi po'o maile laiti'iti

Shelter for cat or small dog
Mixed media assemblage 2015

We all need protection in different ways, this is a miniature version of a structure I made for myself. A kind of protective series using my most beloved ready-made material - blue plastic tarpaulin.

This is for a cat, small dog or any creature sheltering. They have a small 'Hello Kitty' protector, a plastic guardian angel that is battery operated and changes colour when illuminated. Some toys to play with helps with boredom during a tropical cyclone, and of course, there is a piece of carpet and a cat mat. There is song in Samoa for children called 'Pusi Nofo' about a cat sitting on a mat.

Pusi nofo
nofo i luga i le fala

Cat is sitting
sitting on the mat.