Fear Horror Terror: International Print Exchange Programme (Printmaking)

5th - 28th February 2016

Main Gallery

This exhibition brings together the work of 19 international print-makers for the first time in New Zealand.

Addressing the idea of ‘FEAR : Horror|Terror’ a universal experience which haunts humanity in its multitudes as an effect of differences between individuals or communities. The world is filled with these notions as commune, country, race, caste or creed. The differences arising from socio-political agendas, difference of faiths, gender, economic interests. Thus, fears exist about war, terrorism, uncertainty and the fears which are politically and culturally manipulated either through violence or dogmas. The artists would be responding to the idea through their individual perspectives to surface varied viewpoints.

A little more about this programme: The'International Print Exchange Programme (IPEP), India' is an initiative through which print-makers can share their work with other print-makers and thus get a chance to have multiple exhibitions worldwide and a collection of prints from all over the world. The sole purpose of IPEP is that of sharing print and creating a network of connections with print-makers from around the world and creating an awareness of printmaking as a form of Art by creating more viewership. This international series and body of works has been finely curated by Rajesh Pullarwar.

This exhibition is presented in New Zealand by print-maker and art teacher Hannah King in partnership with the Wallace Gallery Morrinsville and PAULNACE Gallery (Gisborne).