Colin Gibbs: fourGROUND, and Jenni Taris: Pottery

A shared show in the Main Gallery of the Wallace Gallery.

3rd - 29th March 2016


Dushko Petrovich (2009), in the Boston Globe, asked the question: Landscape painting shaped the direction of art for a century, then all but vanished. What happened? Indeed, James Elkins (2008) in his book Landscape Theory, says that landscape painting is obsolete and we need to ask whether or not painting itself is dead.

I (Colin) am a (living, not dead) contemporary landscape painter. This present exhibition of works records my struggle as a painter in trying to ground myself in different landscapes. My desire is to embody painterly expression to capture the essential essence of different environments.

In doing so, I recognise the persuasive presence of my own connection to the whenua, and how this reminds me that a fundamental purpose of painting is to bring life.

Jenni Taris: Pottery

I (Jenni) decided, after seeing several exhibitions in Auckland, that I'm a craftswoman potter. I like my work to be faultless, no cracks, splits or other flaws. I like my pots to have a lift and spirit so they sing to people. My ambition is to make pots so beautiful that no-one would want to put flowers in them and they will enhance the space they live in.