Judy Millar
Big Pink Shimmering One
Collection: Wallace Paramount Awards

Winner of the 2002 Paramount Award
Big Pink Shimmering One 2002
acryilc and oil on canvas
1930 x 2840
Collection of The James Wallace Arts Trust

Judy Millar is one of New Zealand's most prominent abstract painters. Millar’s lively, gestural style is reminiscent of Jackson Pollock. She ‘regards the direct relationship of the body to the canvas as extremely important.’(1) Millar is an artist attracting International attention and has been widely represented in Europe. ‘She brings to her work an acute awareness of the history of art and a theoretical and practical interest where she as a woman painter in the 21st Century fits into what was a male dominated tradition - her colourful and bold explorations of colour, paint and surface, are about much more than the materiality of painting. Millar is concerned to take the abstract out of abstraction and to infuse her painting with a sense of three-dimensionality that relates to the world.’(2) Though Millar is known primarily as an abstract painter her output is varied and includes drawing, sculpture, and installations.

"…With their adventurousness and surety, exuberance and intelligence, there's something very natural about Millar's work, something that just feels right. Formalism, perhaps, but of the very best kind."(3)


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Judy Millar