Southern Cross Parterre
Elizabeth Thomson
Collection: Wallace Paramount Awards

Winner of the 1998 Paramount Award
Elizabeth THOMSON
Southern Cross Parterre
Bronze (paint, patina) on gesso
1800 x 1060
Collection of the James Wallace Arts Trust

Elizabeth Thomson (b. 1955)

Elizabeth Thomson is a significant Wellington sculptor who is well known in New Zealand and abroad. Thomson’s subject matter is Nature. In her work pandemonium and order collide in the same way they do in nature. Her intricate sculptures of flora and fauna sometimes observe strict symmetry, while at other times patterns are stretched closer to the borders of chaos. Thomson has undertaken numerous public and private commissions for site specific works. Her exquisite cast bronze bugs and flowers have been said ‘to shift and waver’ ( 1) across the picture plane - her work exploring the beauty manifest in nature.


(1) Arts Calendar. Article ‘ Elizabeth Thomson - Horoeka and Antequera Observations on Home and Abroad’

Southern Cross Parterre