Fatu Feu'u
Collection: Wallace Paramount Awards

Winner of the 1995 Paramount Award
Fatu FEU'U
Oil paint, oil stick on canvas
1820 x 1540mm
Collection of the James Wallace Arts Trust

Fatu feuu (b. 1976)

Fatu Feu'u has become a well-established New Zealand artist whose work is included in many private and public collections both in New Zealand and overseas. Feu'u is a multi media artist and while primarily a painter, he explores a range of other mediums including bronze, wood and stone sculpture, pottery design, lithographs, woodcuts, glass works (both stained and etched) as well as carpet designs. His paintings are described as drawing on traditional motifs to make contemporary art.These works can be seen to record and reinterpret community based Samoan art in the continuum. He states "I have taken the traditional art form and brought it into the contemporary, to today and somebody else can take it to tomorrow. It's a way of keeping our art alive. My belief is that the art form will die if we don't adapt it to today." (1)

I feel there is so much art to be made, so much to be said about being a Samoan New Zealander, so much to say to my children, my mother, the politicians. I paint about the issues that are important to me, anger, love, the land, conservation and our culture, my children." ( 2)


(1) Courtesy of Tautau Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust

(2) Courtesy of http://www.pacificart.co.nz/