Dougal Fraser
Collection: It Must be Love

The love in this work is intergenerational.
Knitting is literal and metaphorical. Is the grandmother just knitting another jersey like the one the granddaughter wears, or is she knitting links between one generation and another? Hand-making clothing can be an act of love.
The granddaughter’s outward-going vitality contrasts with the poised tranquillity of the grandmother. The characters have the possibility of sharing these qualities. More can also be shared within the woollen warmth of the relationship.
Links are also being knitted between the human and the natural world, with the wool coming from the back of a sheep in the fields. The ewe and lamb in the background mirror the relationship of the grandmother and granddaughter.
The sky could be either sunrise or sunset, whether the focus is on the granddaughter who is at the start of life, or the grandmother who is approaching the end. Superimposing the boards sets up a time scheme. Who is closest to our present? Who recedes into the past? What has always been here in time, before the relationship of these two particular individuals?

alkyd and cord on 3D boards
730 x 640mm

image copyright D. Fraser