Listen to My Heart
Michelle Thorby
Collection: It Must be Love

From her upstairs studio in Hamilton, the Waikato born self taught artist paints bold, sensual, and tasteful detailed figurative acrylic works mostly, wildlife and dearly loved family members. She is inspired by both the female and male body, creating bold romantic boudoir images with soft fur wraps, alluring lingerie and jewellery. Her male nudes are combined with themes of masculinity, strength and the male as protector. Portraiture work is one of her next themes of art that she would like to concentrate on.

Over the last 18 months Michelle has been selling her work through her website and facebook art page to clients in New Zealand and Australia, her work having been appraised in the UK and NZ on behalf of a NZ art investment collector, who has since acquired five of her works. In early 2010 she joined up with the NZ Art Guild, and has participated in three of their exhibitions over the year, also being part of the collaborative art project "Bloom", raising funds for the Mental Health Association. She was selected for the Original Art Sale in Auckland 2010, and been the featured artist for the online pinknoise zine.

Her work has been published in SLAM February 2010, an overseas magazine based in Florida, USA. Commissions are welcome.

acrylic on canvas
460 x 610mm

image copyright M. Thorby

Listen to My Heart