Elemaria Cabral
Collection: In Bloom

oil on canvas
1200 x 990mm

image copyright E.Cabral

Auckland based artist Elemaria Cabral was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She expressed a passion for art from an early age.

Elemaria’s work is inspired by her love of colour and awareness of the subtlety of shifting cultural influences which affect us and our surrounds.
‘I embrace spontaneity and directness in equal measure to the processes of expression, reflection and surrender.’
Elemaria includes influences from daily life in her work, such as factors that affect her feelings and perceptions, as well as the modern-media assisted collective consciousness of artists around the world.
‘It is life as a whole that drives me. Art to me is just the same as breathing, nothing else.’
This works represents a state of metamorphosis – about fifteen years ago I moved out of the city to live in the countryside and finally began to feel at home with the land here. Roxo sprang from this. I did a lot of planting, germination and re-generation of the bush; it was a time of abundance and novelty, and this series reflects what I was doing and going through.
‘Roxo symbolizes a connection with the New Zealand landscape. Painting this work helped me to bond with Aotearoa on a spiritual level.’