Margaret Brownsey
Collection: In Bloom

480 x 380mm

image copyright M.Brownsey

Margaret has been a member of South Waikato Camera Club of the Photographic Society of New Zealand for about 40 years but for the first decade or more, watched from the sidelines; listening to speakers at national Conventions; noticing the trends in photography but content to be a snapshot photographer.
Latterly with involvement in the Light Photography Group based in Taupo and attending its annual mid-winter seminars, the urge to be creative grew stronger. Many of the seminar guest speakers were from overseas and brought a different perspective to the creation of images. The techniques of isolating elements and multiple images in a print became exciting.
Margaret relishes the opportunity to put aside cares, carefully compose and create images. She has a love of natural forms, the patterns made by light and water as a reflective element. Her prints have been displayed at Artsfest in the South Waikato, Taupo Museum Gallery and the annual Putaruru Water Festivals.