Blackberries in Flower
Marion Laurence
Collection: In Bloom

440 x 360mm

image copyright M.Laurence

My art…Put simply-I do a drawing then colour it in.
I have drawn my whole life.
With post war frugality, I had only an HB pencil, usually worn to a precious stub, and whatever paper I could find. I drew everything, people, animals, trees, and imaginative creatures and cartoons.
At secondary school I was given a 2B and a 4B pencil and I was delighted with the extension of pencil effects. I was also introduced to water colour and my paintbox with little squares of colour was my pride and joy.
At Ardmore teachers college, I enjoyed a whole day per week for 2 years in the art department, working with wonderfully talented artists in various mediums. My water colour skills were encouraged. The principal’s vision was that students should extend their personal talents and interests, to make a well-rounded teacher.
I have always appreciated the finer details that make up a whole, and I am drawn to express the preciousness of the sometimes over-looked.
In later years I have attended workshops where possible and am grateful for the tuition of Chris Gullery-a realist acrylic artist, and Tony Lewis, water-colour artist.
Tony Lewis always emphasised ’’look with a seeing eye’’ and ‘’a good painting has ’atmosphere’’, and it is this latter that I find an elusive truth.
I have exhibited and sold work in various galleries, and won awards for water colour paintings. My pen and ink illustrations feature in various publications. I have painted a number of large scale works-murals etc in acrylics.
Because of other commitments, it has been some time since I have painted for myself, so the Wallace gallery is a wonderful opportunity for me to take up my brushes once more.
With water colour, a purist does not use white paint, so it is always a challenge to give the illusion of light-by painting around it.
I feel a good painting does not need a verbal explanation-it stands by itself.

Blackberries in Flower