Regal Rose
Val Tubman
Collection: In Bloom

490 x 590mm

image copyright V.Tubman

Val Tubman was born in Auckland and trained as an Airbrush Artist with Christopher Bede.

In 1972 she started to paint in oils and later in watercolour and acrylic. Her many tutors included Gaston De Vel, Tony Lewis and Nancy Tichborne. She also enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with other artists and conducts workshops each year.

Over the last 30 years Val has won many Awards including the Lion Breweries Award, the Tauranga Trust Power Art Award and the Taupo Great Lake Exhibition.
In 1992 Val was commissioned by the Katikati Open Air Art organization to paint a 7 by 3 metre mural of the Athenree Homestead.

Valís artwork has been published in the Australian Artist Magazine and her paintings are in many private collections world wide and displayed in NZ Galleries.

She has mounted an Annual Solo Exhibition in her home and garden at Labour Weekend, for the last 30 years.

Val lives with her husband high in the hills overlooking the Goldmining town of Waihi.

Regal Rose