The Good Eye
Neil Frazer
Collection: Wallace Arts Trust Collection: Non-Representational Art

Neil Frazer b.1961

Frazer has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Ilam, University of Canterbury) and Master of Fine Arts (College of Fine Arts, NSW). He was born in Canberra but moved to New Zealand in 1965.
For most of his career, now spanning twenty years, Frazer has worked as an abstract artist; building up the surfaces of his paintings to create a richly textured, almost sculpted surface. He once used some 20kg of paint on a single painting! His work of this period, when The Good Eye was painted, could be described as Abstract Expressionist, a style that was developed in the USA in the 1940s. His early paintings started out as landscape studies, and then abstracted to such a degree that no vestige of the land remained. Around 2005, his paintings began to be about a particular place. He applies paint straight from the tube onto the canvas, but he also uses brushes and rags. His early works were large and very expressive. He said, I have always been a very physical painter I experiment a lot with what paint can do.

oil and mixed media on canvas
1810 x 1810mm

image copyright The Wallace Arts Trust

The Good Eye