Romantic Fool
Robert McLeod
Collection: Wallace Arts Trust Collection: Non-Representational Art

Robert McLeod b. 1948

McLeod was born and educated in Glasgow and came to New Zealand in 1972.
Bodies are always felt in McLeod’s abstractions. His densely packed, cut-out forms suggest grinding body parts, with the holes and spaces produced by the cut out technique becoming the various openings of the body. Intense heightened colours and dense textures capture the body. McLeod blurs the boundaries between abstract and figurative painting. Plywood forms are cut and shaped like a jigsaw, then assembled in complex, interlocked formations that appear to spring off the wall. A multitude of painting techniques, materials and colours are used. Smoothly painted sections with translucent glazes compete with forms drowned in layers of thickly applied drips and splatters, producing an intensely physical aspect to his work - a revolt against the over-intellectualised contemporary painting he dislikes.

oil on ply
2320 x 750mm

image copyright The Wallace Arts Trust

Romantic Fool