Untitled Violet
Don Peebles
Collection: Wallace Arts Trust Collection: Non-Representational Art

Don Peebles 1922 - 2010

Peebles trained under John Passmore at the Julian Ashton School in Sydney in the 1950s, which set him on the modernist path. It was a meeting with the English painter Victor Pasmore in London that led him to pursue the direction of painted reliefs with a strong constructivist quality. He was the first New Zealand artist to explore constructionist abstraction. By the 1970s he was creating loose canvases for works without frames, as in this work, hanging according to the natural inclination of their weight; strips of canvas sewn vertically onto a larger canvas. The making of the art object became an art work in itself. These works are organic in form, like a living breathing being, suggestive of gills. Peebles was known to take the works outside and hose them down, to breathe life into them after they had travelled

acrylic on canvas
1830 x 2870mm

image copyright The Wallace Arts Trust

Untitled Violet