The Dancers of the Forest
Helen Rowlands
Collection: Te Aroha Arts Centre members

450 x 410mm
image copyright H.Rowlands
I have been an artist for a number of years, and recently decided to do a diploma in art.
It has always been in the back of my mind to do it but I have never had the time to do so.

I started out in oils, and have since found the convenience of using acrylics just amazing.
Being able to use the media in a similar way to water colour paints, and the boldness of oils make it very durable.

I really love the variation that abstract painting has and the imagination can run wild. Lately I have been studying the formations of our land through Google Earth. It has enticed me to do some abstracts using Google Earth as a tool for shapes and colours, these are areas I have walked with great pleasure.

I have also travelled extensively to most Asian countries and most fascinated with the culture and colours and hope to do more work covering this areas, perhaps into abstracts well.

I was the winner of a competition in 2009 with The Tauranga Society of Artists Inc. Annual Award, with a painting called “ Hills of the South”. I have farmed in the Oamaru area so the hills of the south are very special.

I would like you to enjoy the varied work here, thank you all for your support.

The Dancers of the Forest