Dick Whittingham
Julia O'Sullivan
Collection: Julia O'Sullivan

Oil on canvas
800 x 1050mm

A British fairy tale, one based on truth. He travels to London hearing the streets are paved with gold. He is taken in by a seaman, here he shoe shines for pennies and works in the kitchen. With his penny he buys a cat. The seaman Fitzwarren sends his vessel off to a far distant land and asks all his employs to contribute something, Dick gives his cat. In the meantime the cook beats Dick and he decides to run away only to be stopped by the bells of Mary LE Bow that rings three times telling him to turn around and that he will become Lord Mayor of London. When he returns to the house he is rice with treasures sent from the far distant land in payment for his cat (for catching mice), and he does indeed become Lord Mayor.

Image copyright J OSullivan

Dick Whittingham