Cottage and Garden, Impressionism
Sharen Watson
Collection: Sharen Watson

460 x 470mm
image copyright S.Watson

1 Cottage and Garden

The cottage must have a history and Ive been meaning to investigate. But time, it just slips past. The house was here before we arrived, and it will be here after weve passed, so time is not an issue.

The house was moved on site by a previous owner and positioned to gaze across the harbour. Inside and out everything was refurbished almost to the extreme, but the garden was virgin.

Mark out what you want said my uncle and Ill dig it for you. My vision lay in organic lines, grass pathways, and a garden that slowly revealed each secret space. There was much digging for my Uncle, who loved to fill his days with activity. It saddens me to think hes now so frail. Time is an issue after all.

And so, some fourteen years later we have this garden. In full summer bloom its a glorious thing. Colour, insect song and perfume envelop all who venture forth.

Im a spontaneous buyer of plants; the hardest part is finding space in the jam packed landscape. Plant close enough the weeds struggle to grow and I hate to weed. My partner prefers to see earth between each plant, so its a pathway walked with discretion but well worth the journey.

Cottage and Garden, Impressionism