Orokawa Bay, Contemporary
Sharen Watson
Collection: Sharen Watson

920 x 510mm
image copyright S.Watson

Orokawa Bay
From the golden beach you begin to climb. A
window vista levels you with surfers in deep
water. The power of the swell is visibly awesome
from dry land, more so from its surface.
With little overhead shelter, itís hot, dry and
dusty. Glimpses of blue keep you moving in
anticipation. Suddenly far below you, a glorious
sweep of sand, crystal cut water and hills in all
shades of green. You descend in a rush. Youíre
water running downhill to the sea, until finally
you stand in its depths.
Guarding the coastal strip Pohutukawa merge
sand with sandy vegetation. A decade worn
pathway meanders through the spring flush of
coastal grass. Dappled light flickers, sharp as a
disco ball to sun weary eyes. Beneath grizzled
branches thereís a coolness and texture in a
grey/blue-green palette.
Quiet surrounds you. A long pause, as if the
speaker has considered the content of his speech
and hesitates to begin again. You wait.
Thereís a whoosh of waves. Then quiet.
A whoosh of waves, then quiet. Clockwork
rhythm thatís eternal. Your body relaxes, your
mind is dredged of everything except the moment.

Orokawa Bay, Contemporary